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Woodland Park Zoo Seattle

Woodland Park Zoo

For more than 100 years, Woodland Park Zoo has been a cherished community resource and a unique urban oasis. Generations of Puget Sound families have come to the zoo to marvel at the animals and be inspired by the peaceful and beautiful surroundings.

Woodland Park Zoo encompasses 92 acres and features more than 1,090 individual animals representing nearly 300 species. The grounds are divided into what are known as bioclimatic zones, the unique habitats around the world, from tropical rain forests to the frigid climes of the Far North.


Among its distinctions, Woodland Park Zoo is one of the oldest zoos on the West Coast. In the late 1880s, Guy Phinney, a wealthy sawmill owner, purchased a large tract of forest land about six miles north of downtown Seattle. On December 28, 1899, several years after Phinney’s death, the City of Seattle purchased the estate for $100,000. For more detailed information on the zoo’s history, visit the History Section of our site.


The zoo manages the largest live animal collection in Washington state, with approximately 1,100 specimens representing nearly 300 species including invertebrates. The zoo provides a home for 35 endangered and five threatened animal species. The zoo’s botanical collection includes 7,000 trees and more than 50,000 shrubs and herbs representing more than 1,000 species. For more information about our animals, visit the Animal Facts section.

In the 50 years separating these photos, the tree canopy has quadrupled on zoo grounds as we further our commitment to creating a green oasis for our animals, guests and neighborhood. This photo shows the zoo facing the northwest.