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Wunderbar Hofbrauhaus Edmonton


A lot of things are different at Wunderbar lately; a snazzy new website, slick new bench seating, a tasty new limited-run whiskey lager from our friends at Ambers Brewing. But the big change at the Whyte Ave. drinking hole, the one at the root of Wunderbars current popularity, are owners Levi Christensen, Chris Janke, and Craig Martell.

The three guys worked at another popular Edmonton bar for years before deciding to venture out on their own.

We were like We have an idea, explains Craig. And everybody wants to open a bar, but not everyone has an idea.

The idea in question? To create a bar that was community-based and thoroughly accessible to all.

When people come here, says Craig [Were] making them feel comfortable making someone who doesnt drink feel comfortable. You can come here and not have a beer and were okay with that. Theres not many bars in town where someone who doesnt drink feels comfortable.