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Xippo Chicago

While its roots lie in that of an old-school neighborhood bar, its present lies in that of a swanky lounge. Xippo is not only the sole bar in Chicago that starts with the letter “X” but is also one of the only bars in all of Lakeview that has a Wicker Park vibe, reminiscent of Augenblick that used to be located just up the street and Ivan’s a little further away. Since it was renovated and re-opened sometime around 2001, Xippo has offered those of West Lakeview a good selection of cocktails, standard selection of pub grub supplemented by a nice selection of entrées prepared by a professional chef, and a place to impress your date or that “special” someone you meet at the bar that night…

Xippo can be found at the base of an orange brick two-flat on the southeast corner of Damen and Grace, not far up the block from Black Rock and across from the firehouse. Xippo can easily spotted with its bright red and orange dinner plate-like logo that looks set upon a blue and green ceramic mosaic. They also have velvet ropes out front and valet parking for $5, which I can’t help but question if this is really necessary… Though Xippo is a good spot, I can’t imagine waiting outside to get in, even on the weekends, and there’s plenty of parking in the area except maybe on Saturday night between 9pm and midnight.

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