Canada: 604.283.6601

Y-Nak of PYND Down Vancouver


Forming band called PYND Down
PYND Down consists of Vocalist (myself), DJ, and Lead Guitarist and occasional drummer
Serving to pay rent and may get a job at Superstore in shipping/receiving area.
Student at Douglas College and most likely transferring to BCIT to become an Electrician.
Goal is to become a professional Musician, and to have own Dojo – a Classroom or Facility to practice and perform martial arts (Karate – Shorin-ryu Okinawa karate, Goju-ryu Sho-rei-kan karate, Aikido.)
Currently looking for a woman to be in a relationship with.
Very Romantic, as I’m a romantist, and an egoist simotaneously.
Any comments are accepted – call or contact me by mail.

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