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Y Ultra Lounge Miami

Y Ultra Lounge

The pursuit  of personal  bliss  has never seemed so effortless. An engaging  spectrum  of light, mood  and atmosphere  flow harmoniously throughout this haven of opulence. Y ultralounge. Its essence is captured in a ceiling of flowing fabric and soothing colors. Ever changing. Luminescent. Enchanting to the eyes, ears and spirit. Here, in this bewitching rendezvous of sophistication, time stands still. Behold the abundance and beauty that is all around you. Indulge. Savory cocktails and enticing rhythms. Imagination is the only boundary. Y ultralounge. Erotica. Personified.


Combined Indoor and Al Fresco Seating for 300 Guests
Premium Liquors and Bottle Service
Private Garden Cabanas with Video and Audio
50ft. Reflection Pool
Collage of Plasma Screen TV’s
Live DJs and Performances

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