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Yellowhead Brewery Edmonton


Yellowhead Beer originated in 1894 on the site of the present Royal Glenora Club in Edmontons River Valley. In 1900, its owner Crains joined the Yukon Gold Rush and sold the brewery to W.E Sheppard. Renaming it the Edmonton Brewery Ltd., Sheppard moved the brewery down river to a new three story brick building. The building still stands in Rossdale.

Yellowhead Brewery takes its name from the famous Iroquois-Mtis Pierre Bostonais, nicknamed tte jaune or yellowhead for his unusual fair hair. Tte jaune helped David Thompson, map the Yellowhead pass, bearing his name, through the Rocky Mountains in the early 19th century. Today, being made in Edmontons historic 1913 Shaw building and embodying that same pioneering spirit, Edmontons oldest beer is reborn.