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Yoshis SF San Francisco

Yoshi’s San Francisco at Fillmore Heritage Center Yoshi’s Jazz Club & Japanese Restaurant is an impressive restaurant and concert venue designed by famed architect Mori Moto. The building, which dominates the neighborhood, is located at 1300 Fillmore Street. Its massive 28,000 square foot, two-story, world-class frame hosts the premier of local, national and international jazz artists and allows for more than 400 people to enjoy the exhilarating music and room for 370 more to grab a delicious bite at the Michelin rated restaurant and sip on delicious cocktails in the sumptuous lounge.

The venue is known for the huge names that grace its stage. Jazz stars obviously abound, but guest singers from different genres have also visited the music hall, like Brian Mcknight crooning some R&B tunes. For a different type of experience entirely, catch a comedy show and laugh your night away.

As you may have guessed, the Not only will it be a great destination for live music, but it will also be a great place to dine. Overseen by Executive Chef Kamio, begin the evening with drinks and dinner in the restaurant, which features both traditional Japanese and creative Japanese fusion – think sushi, sashimi but with calamari and brussel sprouts thrown in the mix – and cocktails made by those trained in the art of creating an incredible drink. Outfitted with low lighting, intimate seating, and live music played that can be the main event or just a wonderfully unique soundtrack. Later on, move to the main stage and sit right in front of the musicians with drinks and munchies or reserve a table for the more upscale experience.

If you are looking to thoroughly treat yourself and go for a big night out at a sophisticated, stylish venue Yoshi is your place. As San Francisco’s only place to enjoy world-class jazz and great food in a beautiful setting, this venue is the perfect option for a very special evening.

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