Yotel Hotel

Spawned from an inspirational first class British Airways flight, YOTEL was created impress the luxury of airline travel and a touch of Japanese influence into a small but luxurious cabin for all party-goers to enjoy the VIP treatment it Times Square, New York City. Forget conventional, boring, and expensive hotels and hotel clubs and bars, where the experience and decor is basically the same. At YOTEL ‘first class’ VIP decor and treatment sets YOTEL a part from every single hotel in New York City.

The most unique styles and colors bring you in, and YOTEL’s VIP service and elegant private rooms and lounge areas keep you satisfied. With 20,000 sqft of flexible and dynamic entertainment space including the largest hotel terrace in the city YOTEL is the place to be for a party or celebration.

After spending the evening sipping cocktails and mingling with singles, stay the night in one of YOTEL’s flexible and smart rooms to suit individual needs in which to relax, refresh, connect and sleep. There are four main cabin types, 'Premium' cabins with Queen size double beds, Corner cabins with dual aspect windows, FIRST cabins with King beds, some that come with private terraces and hot tubs and VIP 2 cabin suites, the ultimate luxury! YOTEL has taken everything that irritates you about hotels and made them go away!

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