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Youngsta Entertainment Toronto


Youngsta Entertainment is an young upcoming promotion company, with a lot of potential. It looking to begin start a weekly friday or saturday but right now is focusing have other promoters hiring our street team to promoter their event, knowing that results are always positive. Youngsta Entertainment is run by a young promoter with a lot of smarts not just streets, but is getting really understand how the promotion business really works. Event Planning and Street Promotion are the companies main focus but also controls are up to date dance group. A group consisting of male and females between the ages of 16-19 which focus on hip hop, reggae and break dancing. The group is called Dirty Generation, really just making the public know they are future of competitve dancing. Youngsta Ent. has been apart of many events that have gone on in this city (street promotion wise). W2 inside Guvernment, Twilight inside The Docks, Several Platinum Partys inside Club 108, Showdown inside Jamaican Canadian Center, Teensplash(Teen Pageant) inside The Manison and my most current Spring Bling Out Canada inside Palozzo’s Complex. Youngsta Entertainment is a growing and building organization is seeking any opportunity to work alongside any other promoters in the city.

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