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Zacks Place Sports Bar and Restaurant was established in May of 1988 by Alex Zacney and Rick Baranski. Zacks was Little Rocks first sports bar.

Zacks has enjoyed continued popularity over the years. It is a true neighborhood spot where a high percentage of the customers are Zacks regulars. The term Cheers bar really does apply to Zacks. They do remember your name and it doesnt take long before you walk in the door and the waitress or bartender has your favorite beverage on its way before you even ask.

Come in alone or with your friends and play a game of pool, throw some darts, play a board game ore be challenged by increasingly popular NTN Trivia. Zacks doesnt charge you to play and youll be surprised at the health competition among our trivia players.

The food at Zacks is legendary, consistently finishing in the finals or Best in various newspaper and radio polls for Best Burger, Best Plate Lunch, etc. Where else in town can you have, for example, Roast Pork Loin with Dijon sauce, superb Grilled Salmon or eat some of the best Chicken & Dumplings in town and have a fun atmosphere at the same time?

Dont miss Zacks Sheila Uekman is the new owner, and along with their experienced friendly staff, they see to it that the quality and service is always top notch. Zacks Place, 1400 S. University, Little Rock, AR,