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Zorbas Live Tampa

Zorbas’ is located on Athens Street in Tarpon Springs, FL. We have been providing authentic Greek entertainment for over 80 years. We’re keeping the old tradition but providing a new experience. Come experience Bouzoukia, the “Real” nightlife entertainment of Greece. The entire family will enjoy the Traditional and New Greek music and dancing. Zorbas’ is “The Name” in Greek Entertainment and Athens Street Tarpon Springs is were it’s at. See you at the Bouzoukia!

Experience bouzoukia – You can go to Athens Greece OR you can go to Athens Street, Tarpon Springs, FL. Once you walk into Zorbas’ you won’t be able to tell the difference. We bring the hottest performers from Greece to provide you with Authentic, Classic, “live” bouzoukia. A trip to Tarpon Springs is not complete without a night at the bouzoukia. This is a must experience and one you’ll never forget! Here you’ll see the very best of Greece in “live” entertainment.