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7 Useful Tips for Partying in San Francisco

By clubZone

San Francisco is a creative city that prides itself on standing out. As you set out to enjoy the beauty of the city, here are some tips to make your night extra special and enjoyable.

  • The Weather Is Unpredictable

    By clubZone

    The weather in the city can change at a moment’s notice. One minute it's blazing hot, and the next minute you're frozen solid. Wear layers or bring a jacket to prepare for the worst.

  • Prepare to Drop a Lot of Cash

    By clubZone

    San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the US. Take your budget and expand it or be prepared to end your night early.

  • Enjoy the Post-Partying Meals

    By clubZone

    After a solid night of partying, there is nothing better than some drunk or hungover eating. The ice cream and the burritos (whether they are from The Mission district or not) are must tries.

  • There Is Great Music in Small Venues

    By clubZone

    Yes, there are big shows at Oracle Arena or Shoreline, but you can see some solid shows on the cheap at smaller venues like Make-Out Room, Elbo Room, or Slims. The smaller the show, the more intimate.

  • Be Prepared to Walk

    By clubZone

    As driving can be wacky due to the terrifying hills and the heavy traffic, be prepared to walk everywhere. Uphill. Luckily, it’s a very walkable city as long as you wear proper footwear.

  • Keep an Open Mind

    By clubZone

    It's no secret that the city has one of the biggest gay and lesbian populations. When partying out and about, you will see all walks of life having a good time just like you. Go with the flow. 

  • Put On Your Dancing Shoe

    By clubZone

    Get down to the beat. San Francisco's club scene is intense, crowded and fun, with some are calling it the dance music capital of North America!

Looking for the Top Party Places in San Francisco?

Check out our listing of the hottest clubs in San Francisco, read reviews, view upcoming events and more.

The Cellar

685 Sutter Street, San Francisco California United States

A wrap-around bar, mind blowing state-of-the-art lighting & sound technology, hot new music and unbeatable location two blocks from Union Square, The Cellar has built its reputation as one of the best dance havens and night clubs in San Francisco over the past 10 years. Easily accommodating 300 party guests, The Cellar attracts a down-to-earth [more]


1525 Mission St between 11th & Van Ness, San Francisco California United States

Welcome to Sloane SF, the hottest nightlife destination in SoMa.This sophisticated lounge and boutique nightclub features nightly music and DJs for a non stop dance party, and luxurious bottle service for our ultra special VIPs and special events. Sloane’s New Year’s Eve party is known for being an amazing place to be on the biggest party [more]


447 Broadway , San Francisco California United States

Welcome to a unique and diverse nightlife experience in San Francisco, offering square feet of party space to suit every desire. In the lounge, you'll find a calm yet intimate atmosphere with mellow music and a massive fish tank, where couples or party goers can relax and talk. The bar offers a more upscale and slick design where you can relax and [more]


PIER 33 at Bay Street, San Francisco California United States

Butterfly Lounge & Restaurant SPECTACULAR FOOD. BREATHTAKING VIEWS. LIVELY ATMOSPHERE. WELCOME TO BUTTERFLY. Pier 33, great restaurant and very swank hip atmosphere....They had a dj spinning thru the dinner and the presentation was really good. Check them out on their Restaurant! Also you can host a private party there, which apparently they [more]

The Westin – Market Street

50 Third Street, San Francisco California United States

Welcome to one of the most renowned and recognizable hotels in downtown San Francisco, The Westin at Market Street. The Westin has been recently renovated and reinvigorated to show off its timeless style and to rise to the top of the hotel scene in the city. The hotel’s location is unbeatable, with the rest of Market Street surrounding it and [more]

Ruby Skye

420 Mason Street, San Francisco California United States

Ruby Skye is one of San Francisco's oldest and best nightclubs and or locations for your special event or celebration. It is found right in downtown, close to Union Square and the Theatre District. From frequent party goers to event seekers, this club is sure to please all. The club was recently nominated by Dancestar as one of the top 5 [more]


401 6th Street, San Francisco California United States

The Endup is an institution in San Francisco and has earned the reputation around the globe for bringing some of the best DJs around. Partiers have been flocking to this club for the past 35 years, where they feel at home and can experience a welcoming environment filled with exciting things to discover. The music, the VIP experience, the best [more]


444 Jessie St, San Francisco California United States

This nightclub is more than big, it is massive. The dance floor has a capacity of 900 partiers, all grooving to DJ beats. Despite the large amount of people filling the club, the two long bars ensure that you will never wait in a long line for a drink. The lounge upstairs allows dancers to rest after hours of partying below. Special events are [more]

DNA Lounge

375 11th St., San Francisco California United States

No need to go home after the party, head to the late night after hours party at DNA Lounge in SoMa! In the nightclub, you'll find a variety of the best DJs, with live or DJ music, dancing, drinks at the bar, burlesque shows, and sometimes special events or premieres. To take the party to the next level, the lounge offers a live web stream of [more]

1015 Folsom

1015 Folsom Street, San Francisco California United States

Claiming to be one of the largest, most creative and most unique nightclubs in the Bay, Ten15 is the ideal party spot for a private, business or special event celebration. The venue has received international and local acclaim for its advanced and unparalleled sound and lighting systems, breadth of musical talent and beautiful decor. The [more]