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Crossing the Bar (Pier 33) NEW! image

Crossing the Bar (Pier 33) NEW!

Pier 33 South, on the Embarcad, San Francisco, California United States

(415) 593-0159

Crossing The Bar serves French Indian fusion cuisine on the waterfront. Sweeping views of the ocean punctuated by sea-gulls landing on the piers with silent ships quietly crossing the Bay is what's seen through the windows of Crossing the Bar. The beautiful blue bar is an ideal place to meet friends and indulge yourself with the enticing array of [more]

La Costanera Restaurant

8150 Cabrillo Hwy , San Francisco, California United States


La Costanera boasts a colorful and wonderful Peruvian fusion menu, that applies, French, Japanese, and Chinese techniques, but does not forget the at home feeling of just grabbing food from a street cart on the roads or Peru.  The appreciation and detail and care that is put into the food is uncanny.  The family style feel of the service [more]