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Columbia City Theater

4916 Rainier Ave S, Seattle Washington United States

The Columbia City Theater, once known as the “Lish House” has a historic background throughout the last several decades. In the 60′s, it was a sonic playground for Jimi Hendrix. In the 70′s it housed an underground disco and hosted some of the most hardcore punk bands in the 80′s. And in the 90′s it […]


Old Tully’s/Ranier Brewery

3100 Airport Way S., Seattle Washington United States

Remember that big red R on I-5 by the I-90 entrance. Then a huge Tully’s sign was posted up top. They transformed this place inside and out to hold some of the largest raves in Seattle.


Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn

11820 150th AVE SE Renton, WA, Seattle Washington United States

The Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn has Social dancing every Friday and Saturday night to a variety of music including Country, Swing, Big Band, Top 40, Pop, Latin and Funky R&B. The Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn also has social dance lessons during the week in Ballroom, Country, Swing, Latin, Nightclub and Line Dancing. With the areas […]