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10 Things to Know When Going Out in Houston

By clubZone

Houston is a city of contrast. You get the best of southern America, the cowboys, the country music and combine that with contemporary art, live performances and great jazz!

  • Track Down a Happy Hour

    By clubZone

    The Grove Bar has one of the best happy hours in the whole state! Make plans for after work and enjoy the $5 drink menu, which includes the famous pomegranate screwdriver and a raspberry margarita.

  • Where to Find the Classic Movies

    By clubZone

    You can take your wine or cocktail out to the back patio in the Boheme Cafe and Wine Bar, where you can catch a different classic movie playing every week.

  • Know the Best Spot for Jazz

    By clubZone

    If you're a jazz fan, you can catch some of the best jazz in the state at the [Red Cat Jazz Cafe](http://clubzone.com/places/red-cat-jazz-cafe-houston/), in an awesome bar boasting a chic interior and a smoky atmosphere. 

  • Where the Comedy's At

    By clubZone

    There isn't much of a stand-up scene in Houston, but Rudyard's is an exciting upcoming venue that hosts some of the funniest comedians in the city until late at night.

  • Slam Some of the Cheapest Drinks in Town

    By clubZone

    If you're broke but still want to have a great night, head to Marquis II. Here, you'll find a variety of drinks all for under $5—this is definitely the place to be if you're a student!

  • Don't Miss Drag Shows and Karaoke

    By clubZone

    JR's is known for its drag shows and karaoke nights, but only locals know this. For something a little different, stop by here, get a few drinks in and get on stage!

  • Taste the Best Cocktails

    By clubZone

    It is said that the best cocktails in the city are at the [Anvil Bar](http://clubzone.com/places/anvil-bar-and-refuge-houston/) and it's true! These bar masters prepare some of the tastiest drinks in the world, from homemade ginger beer to spicy Pliny's Tonic.

  • The Most Alternative Venue

    By clubZone

    The Silo has it all; film screenings, performance art and live shows. It advetizes itself on Facebook as "the place where the improbable becomes the possible".

  • Where the Cowboys Hang

    By clubZone

    [Blanco's Bar and Grill](http://clubzone.com/places/blancos-bar-and-grill-houston/) is famous for its authentic country music and dance lessons. This is where you'll find all of Houston's cowboys and cowgirls!

  • A 2-in-1 Tailor and Bar

    By clubZone

    Charbar combines the best of both services. Here, you can drink, dance and get your shoes shined, all at the same venue! The two businesses merged and now work together for you!

7 Things You Didn't Know About Going Out in Dallas

By clubZone

To really get to the bottom of Dallas, you need a true insider's guidance. Here's your tell-all on the nightlife of Texas's capital!

  • The Thin Crust Pizza is Rare, but Delish

    By clubZone

    The Union Bear in West Village is one of the few places in Dallas that serves thin-crust pizza, which will set you up for the great beers and rocking music that always follow.

  • You Don't Just Watch Strippers

    By clubZone

    The owner of The Back 9 also owns a strip joint, and he invites his beautiful girls for some off-duty chill-out at his nightclub.

  • There's Always Soul Around the Corner

    By clubZone

    Some of the most soulful and rhythmic music in Dallas can be found at the [House of Blues](http://clubzone.com/places/house-of-blues-dallas/)—if you want to add a little class to your night, head here, mingle, drink and listen to some great tunes.

  • Off-the-beaten Path is Where It's At

    By clubZone

    For a lesser known night in town, head to lower Greenville and explore your colorful options! Joints like [The Londoner](http://clubzone.com/places/the-londoner-dallas/) are more downbeat but that's exactly why they always deliver.

  • There's Something For Everybody

    By clubZone

    [Station 4](http://clubzone.com/places/station-4-dallas/) is the unofficial gay club of Dallas—here you'll find an exciting place full of colorful characters and diverse entertainment.

  • 90s Nostalgia Is Always Close By

    By clubZone

    [Barcadia](http://clubzone.com/places/barcadia-dallas/) boasts a nostalgic range of 90s arcades where you can play games from the past and drink beer from the present.

  • You Can Eat All Night

    By clubZone

    Head uptown to [Primo's](http://clubzone.com/places/primos-bar-grill-dallas/). They're known for serving food late into the night, which is perfect for those post-drink munchies.

Looking for the Top Party Places in Texas?

Check out our listing of the hottest clubs in Texas, read reviews, view upcoming events and more.

Drink Houston

7620 Katy Frwy @ Silber, Houston Texas United States

What do you get when you combine the biggest party in Houston, 5 million dollars, with 1 million dollars in light, sound and laser light show? You get the NEW Drink Houston! Featuring 5 Clubs in one amazing 1 Party! We welcome you to come experience the party life that is Drink Houston, where the DJ is always incredible and the music will [more]

Avenu Lounge

2912 McKinny Avenue, Dallas Texas United States

Avenu Lounge Dress to impress at this weekend party spot. Looking for the hottest, best club in the city? Avenu has you covered with an awesome bar, DJs, music, dancing or VIP area from Thursday through Sunday. [more]


2401 San Jacinto, Houston Texas United States
(713) 759-9606

Rich's stands as one of the most technologically advanced, premier mega clubs in the United States, offering only the finest in sound and lighting systems (High End Systems) available, personal VIP service and security to ensure that every aspect of your party and celebration experience is nothing less than exceptional. Rich's offers the most [more]

Lizard Lounge Dallas

2424 Swiss Ave, Dallas Texas United States

The hands down, BEST 18+ club in Dallas, Lizard Lounge is Dallas’ best known nightclub! Hosting the world's biggest names in Electronic Dance Music, Hip Hop, Gothic / Alternative and unique special events and theme nights it is no wonder why everyone in the city knows about this venue, it really is the place to be! The Lizard offers Dallas' [more]

Station 4

3911 Cedar Springs, Dallas Texas United States

Station 4 After-hours dancing until 4a. Texas state law requires a minimum age of 21 in order to purchase or possess alcoholic beverages. Station 4 strictly enforces this law. Door charges are required from minors for every entry and re-entry. 24,000 square feet of fun, with 15 service wells, a thundering sound system and moveable light [more]

Club SoHo

5901 Hillcroft St Suite B6, Houston Texas United States

Club Soho is the premier, upscale nightclub in Houston that boasts a chic clientele and fun ambiance for any type of party goer. From Halloween to Christmas to New Years Eve, Club Soho is the go to nightlife destination in Houston for holiday parties. With incredible VIP service and a knowledgeable staff, you can plan your perfect party or [more]


5039 Willis Ave., Dallas Texas United States

Dallas' Premier Upscale Progressive Dance Club, Lounge & Private Events Venue since 2003 [more]

Synn Lounge

1217 Main St, Dallas Texas United States

Welcome to sexy Synn Lounge. Synn is a 3 level party DREAM, located in the heart of downtown Dallas with each floor giving you a different party vibe from different destinations. The main floor is the heart and soul of Synn with full size dance floor to get down to the latest music, meet singles, and enjoy glorious cocktails or any other drink [more]

House of Blues Dallas

2200 N Lamar St, Dallas Texas United States

The House of Blues, what more is to say about this ICONIC American institution? Opened in Dallas in 2007 the brand and building has always been home to the best and wildest parties in America! It continues to celebrate and showcase art and music in the best way possible, by throwing outrageous parties and inviting the hottest performers! Much [more]

Club Tropicana

3222 Fondren Rd, Houston Texas United States

Club Tropicana Salsa hot spots come and go, but Tropicana will always be there when you need to dance away the night. Inside an unassuming strip mall storefront on Fondren, you'll find a Casablanca-esque nightclub of dark reds and deep mahogany. The hardwood dance floor is spacious, and the salseros who wear it down are the city's best. Weekends [more]