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Cactus Bar and Grill image

Cactus Bar and Grill

404 South Wells, Chicago, Illinois (The Loop) United States


7,000 square feet of fun...Wooden decor. Southwestern saloon feel with a Key West twist. Rowdy South Loop hot spot with a south-of-the-border spirit and spicy after-work crowds. The Scene Mounted fish vie with mounted cacti for prominence in the blazing color scheme. Downtown white-collars who appreciate hearty partying head here by the droves [more]

Seven Bar and Restaurant.

400 E. Randolph 7th Floor, Chicago, Illinois (The Loop) United States


In a city with so much to do, everyone knows every bar that you can go to, but there is one that is so exclusive that only the people that know about it can go to. Seven Bar and Restaurant is hidden inside of the 400 E. Randolph building on the Seventh Floor. Only if you know about it can you go there! Chicago's Hidden Gem does so many different [more]