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Washington DC

Find The Best Nightlife Venues in Washington DC

Whether you live in DC or you're just here for a few nights, you're bound to want to check out the vibrant nightlife scene this city has to offer. No matter what you're into, whether you like rocking the dance floor, catching the game at a sports bar, or kicking back at a strip club, you'll find your niche here. We've gone ahead an listed all the hottest party places in town all on this one site, so go ahead and find the one that's right for you.

You can use the filters on the left-hand side of the page to filter through venues of a certain type (such as nightclubs, lounges, bars etc), or you can also use the neighborhood filter to find a great place near you or in your favorite part of town. Once you see something that tickles your fancy, make sure you click on the listing to view a detailed description of the venue, relevant photo galleries, and reviews.

Each listing also features links to all upcoming events at that venue, so use them to get a good idea of what kind parties the venue hosts and whether they are for you. If you are interested in a ticketed event at a particular place , you can simply click on the event listing and buy your tickets there.

So, now that you know how this works, stop reading and get browsing. Washington DC is highly regarded as a leading party city, so there'll be plenty of venues to filter through. Happy choosing!