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Whistler's Best Party Places

If you're looking for a comprehensive list of all of the hottest places to party in Whistler, you've come to the right place! clubZone has put together a list of literally every place in Whistler worth checking out so that you know about all of the best venues in town and can plan your night out accordingly. Whether you're the type of person that prefers an intimate lounge atmosphere, or an energetic nightclub featuring live DJ sets, within this guide you're sure to find at least one place where you would like to party.

All of the places below have been automatically sorted by popularity, but if you'd like you can sort them alphabetically instead. Feel free to use the search tools on the left side of the screen to narrow your results and make it even easier to find your perfect place. If you have a general idea where you would like to spend the night you can search by neighborhood to only display places within that area. Another option is sorting places by type, such as nightclub, live music venue, bar, and so on to only bring up the sort of place you have in mind.

Each place you find below also has its own page with more information. If you're interested, you can go there to read a description of the venue and browse through photos so that you know what to expect before you go there. You can also find information regarding dress code, capacity, and guest list there. Any upcoming events at the venue can also be found on this page.

Now that you've read up on what you can expect from this guide, all that's left is for you to read up and find your ideal party spot! Before too long you will have a whole lineup of places in Whistler you'd like to check out.