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Hard Rock Live Orlando

Hard Rock Live

Hard Rock Live Orlando, a 3,000-capacity concert venue located at Universal Studios CityWalk, showcases music from national acts to emerging artists. Hard Rock Live and the 600-seat Hard Rock Cafe Orlando-which is also perfect for live music-are situated in a 140,000-square-foot building designed as a retro interpretation of the Roman Coliseum. It opened and held its first concert-Glenn Frey/Joe Walsh-on January 29, 1999. The Grand Opening celebration was on March 12, 1999 with Elton John.


Standard 120K with 60K up and 60k down
60k {ETC Pars} up will have two {2} 4-lite ACLs and 4 ETC Leko’s/26 degree. 6 Robe-Spot 575XT, Pars will be loaded with Narrow Lens
Midstage truss will have 4 ETC lekos/26 degree with 2 James Thomas Fays {9 lite} and 4 Robe-Spot 575 XT
60k {ETC Pars} down with 6 ETC Leko’s/26 degree, Pars will be loaded with Medium Lens
House Left and Right single truss will each have one Robe-Spot 575XT and 5-26 degree ETC leko’s each
Boxing Ring will be loaded with Par 56’s as well as Atomic Strobes and Robe Scans/ 250XT, 8-UV Beam fixtures
Balcony truss will have 12 Par 56 fixtures as well
Four Strong Cantos spotlights positioned rear house right and house left
Two JEM Hazers


26 L-Acoustics V- Dosc (13 Left, 13 right)
12 L-Acoustics 218 subwoofers (6 left, 6 right)
5 L-Acoustics PF12P Full range (balcony reinforcement
5 L-Acoustics SB15P subwoofers (balcony Reinforcement
1 Yamaha PM5D FOH
1 Yamaha PM5D- RH for monitors
12 12 AM Clair monitor wedges
1 2×18 drum sub
2 R 4s side fills with 2×18 subs
All V-Dosc are powered by L-Acoustic amps
All audio between mixing consoles and rack room is transmitted down multimode fiber using Optocore gear
Stage Left had 64 mic inputs, stage right has 48 mic inputs, truck dock has 64 outputs
All points are patchable