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Retox Rock Lounge New York


Retox: a rock bar brought to you by Mike Diamond (Snitch), Gotham City Group (Pre:Post and Myst) and Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian. Enter down the long glossy Hollywood-set hallway past the ruby chandelier to this slithery slicked-back vampire den. Red lights accent the perimeter, while scantily-clad go-go dancers writhe to Joan Jett atop the tribal-tattooed bar. You can head towards the back to catch the night’s live band on the raised hardwood stage, but watch your step when heading downstairs to the pseudo-co-ed bathrooms.

Much like its 21st St. predecessor, Retox attracts a motley crew (haha) of spunky LA-type rockers hopping back and forth over the reptilian-skinned seating. Think spiked hair, faux vintage tees, and blazers—more Brent Bolthouse and Tommy Lee than MisShapes or Justine D. If all the torn jeans, Keffiyeh scarves and frosted tips rub you the wrong way, slide through one of the manned doors leading to Retox’s sister, Myst.

Retox is the first of its kind…an upscale rock nightclub. Where the rock music is playing as loud as the groupies are screaming and you must be on the exclusive guest list to enter, Retox has become a home for trendy music-gurus to hang out. Recent celebrities include:

Jared Leto
Ashley Olsen
Scott Ian
Chris Daughtry

As guests walk in, they areable to check themselves out in the gigantic gothic mirror underneath the dark black and red chandeliers that light the entire venue in muted red light. The intimate main room is lined with snapshots of celebrities that have helped put this room on the map. The secluded VIP section resembles the backstage at a show…with curtains blocking the view from the main floor. Three walls are lined with vintage sofas and black crocodile skin banquets topped off with a striking black bar stretching across the fourth wall.