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ClubZone provides a bespoke advertising service connecting you with ticket buyers, socialites, elite tourists and trendsetters. We will make sure your next event is a great one and, most of all, unforgettable. Once you’ve experienced ClubZone, going out will never be the same again. Contact us today and reach the full potential for your event.

Now is the time to join the ultimate marketing solution for hospitality. ClubZone boasts over 10 Million unique trendsetters that visit the VIP Nightlife Family of Websites annually — plus over a quarter million attendees at our self-produced events directly. Our Demographic is driven by their tantalizing & instantly gratifying spending behaviors, and will splurge the extra money for a ticket to guarantee their entrance into an event; not to mention a VIP Ticket and or Bottle Service to provide the ultimate party experience.

Have an event that needs a boost in ticket sales?

Our Geo Targeted Campaigns offer premium event listings, newsletter drops, sweepstakes, promotions, viral penetration, both online and off with live event partners.

Over 850,000 Socialites chose to Opt-in to our e-newsletter that targets a geographic region in primary markets such as Greater Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County, Las Vegas, Miami/ Fort Lauderdale, Dallas, Houston, Austin, New York City, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, D.C., Portland, Seattle, and more…

Have an Alcohol Brand, Unique Beverage, Lifestyle Brand, or Cannabis Product?

Every year, ClubZone produces & markets thousands of the biggest and best Nightlife & Daylife holiday events across North America like New Year’s Eve, Memorial Weekend, or Halloween; where we can introduce your BRAND and have them enjoy your product 1st hand. Receive the benefit of a six to seven figure production per event within your budget; an opportunity that you cannot refuse to impress the “in” crowd with. Take a look at some of our top rated party venues available to book your next great event…

So whether you produce your own event(s) to maximize your ticket & bar sales, or You have a product that would like to Sponsor event(s) and receive all the online eyeballs and the tastes of the Trend Setters at our events to make your brand overnight. Please contact us at email us or call: 323.604.6030 to receive a free consultation on how we can maximize your marketing budget to receive the best return on your investment.

From our customers mouths to their words, your product will be never forgotten, and will exponentially grow in the most influential and most populated metropolises in North America.”

– Luke Wryder C.E.O. of ClubZone & VIP Nightlife

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