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Cabo Cantina Hollywood

Hollywood Pub Crawl New Year's Eve Party 2024

We go all out this NYE in Hollywood's most famous bar hopping destinations with VIP entry to fantastic venues, exclusive deals and drink specials as low as $4 Drafts and 2-for-1 Premiums & Champagnes!

Hollywood Pub Crawl New Year's Eve Party 2024
Enjoy the ultimate New Years Eve night out w/ drink specials at the biggest & best Pub Crawl Hollywood has to offer this New Years Eve 2024.

New Year's Eve Pub Crawl Party

Sun, Dec 31, 2023, at 6:00 PM - 2:00 AM PST

Drink Specials as low as:

$4 Drafts: Domestic & Select Imports + 2-for-1 Premiums & Champagnes

Registration Begins 6PM at Cabo Cantina Hollywood, at 6669 Hollywood Blvd.

Why stick to one bar when you could spend your New Years Eve in Tinseltown L.A exploring many? If you're not sure where to start when it comes to the biggest night of the year; then put your plans into the hands of those who really know what they're doing.

The Hollywood New Years Eve Pub Crawl is back; and we’ve taken care of the party for you!! We go all out this NYE in Hollywood's most talked about bar hopping destinations with VIP entry to fantastic venues, exclusive deals, and drink specials as low as $4 Drafts and 2-for-1 Premiums & Champagnes.


  • Registration begins at: Cabo Cantina Hollywood 6-10pm | Party till 2am
  • Enjoy free entry to multiple Hollywood (Los Angeles) hot spots
  • Experience the local nightlife with a professional party leader
  • Discover some of the city's best bars & clubs, with all cover charges included
  • Have a great night out with other fun travelers!
  • Enjoy exclusive drink deals throughout the night
  • Go out with a bang with VIP entry to our exclusive, FREE After Party (TBA)

NEW YEAR’S EVE is the last chance you get to party this year; and there is only one way to spend it – with Hollywood’s biggest pub crawl! Cheap drinks, top venues, and VIP treatment all night long -- that's what the Hollywood New Year's Eve Pub Crawl is all about!!


  • Buy your ticket for the day you want to go .
  • Check-in at Cabo Cantina Hollywood during the following times: 6-10pm, Sunday 12.31 (Do not be late, no exceptions, you must check-in by 9pm)
  • At that point, you will be given a map with the bar locations in Hollywood and when they're participating in the drink specials.
  • Must be 21+ to participate. Please bring a valid photo ID.
  • Do Not Drive: Use Ride Share Take a cab, limo, walk or arrange designated driver.
  • Be kind and courteous to all, don't forget to tip your bartenders & Have Fun!

So don’t leave your New Year's Eve to chance – join the Hollywood Nightlife party experts for a guaranteed great night out with people looking to bring in 2024 in style as we rock Tinseltown L.A like it’s never been rocked before!!


Must be 21 years old to participate; valid State ID required. All Sales are Final. No refunds or exchanges. Prices are subject to change while supplies last.
Advertised drink specials are subject to change and may vary at certain venues. Actual drinks offered are at venue's discretion and subject to change. Participating venues & advertised times are subject to change. Each venue may only participate in the drink specials for a 3-hour period. promotes safety and urges all participants to drink responsibly.
Participants must bring their Print At Home Ticket to the registration venue. No refunds. All sales are final.
If a venue is at capacity then you may have to wait until person exit prior to entering. There will be multiple venues participating in the drink specials at anytime that you can go to. Do not be late for registration.

Can't decide which boozer to hit this New Year's Eve?

Why choose? Get dressed up in your best and head out to some of the best & biggest New Year's Eve special events for a night of unforgettable fun in the city you're living or traveling to. Learn more.

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