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Gold Room Atlanta

Gold Room Atlanta Night Club

Flashy, bi-level nightspot with lavish decor, DJs & bottle service, plus an enforced dress code.

Gold Room Atlanta
Gold Room Atlanta
Gold Room Atlanta

Venue Description

Gold Room Atlanta is 7500 sq feet of party space throughout two floors with lavish decor to excite senses, state-of-the-art audiovisual environment, and world-class customer service that clients such as Ludacris expect. Gold Room ATL boasts innovative and chic character; unlike any venue in the ATL. From behind the two black granite bars (the longest of which extends 36 ft), bartenders decant imported and domestic beer and shake up specialty cocktails.

Posh bars with gold accented, black velvet banquet seating flank a dark wood dance floor packed with guests perfecting dance moves. And overhead, a 5 ft disco ball and floating DJ booth lord over the party; fueled by premium sound blasting popular tunes and Top 40 hits.

Upstairs, the horseshoe-shaped enclosed lounge separates private parties from the dancing masses below; which VIP guests can view from a glass room that can accommodate up to 15. If you still have questions; then head to our Contact Info to connect with us. We have highly trained Atlanta Nightlife pros standing by and ready to help you, 24/7. We’d love to hear from you!

When you choose VIP Nightlife to plan a night out; you don’t have to know anything about Gold Room to have the time of your life in ATL. With years of experience, our team can take your ideas from an inspiration to a fully executed, once-in-a-lifetime occasion. VIP Nightlife will create an event experience for your every need and services groups of all sizes; up to 1000 or more guests. So let us plan your next great night out in the Big Peach; just ask us how! And be sure to “Like Us” on Facebook so you can keep up with our Upcoming Events and Deals.

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Quick Facts & Faqs

Dress Code Policy

When attending Gold Room, please adhere to their Dress Code as it is strictly enforced. EDM Nights are relaxed on shoes, No Tennis Shoes, No Flip Flops, No Timberland boots, or work boots of any kind. No Athletic Gear. No Excessively Baggy Clothes. No Baseball Caps. No Shorts. Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any guest who does not meet dress code requirements.

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