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Boston City Skyline

Seaport Elite Luxury Yacht

Boston's finest yacht built for 150 passengers and a smooth luxury cruise with 3 levels including 2 indoor and 1 amazing sky deck to have the best panoramic ...

Boston Seaport Elite Luxury Yacht Exterior
Boston Seaport Elite Luxury Yacht Dining Deck
Boston Seaport Elite Luxury Yacht Cocktail Deck
Boston Seaport Elite Luxury Yacht Cocktail Deck
Boston Seaport Elite Luxury Yacht Lounge Deck
Boston Seaport Elite Luxury Yacht Lounge Deck
Boston Seaport Elite Luxury Yacht Lounge Deck
Boston Seaport Elite Luxury Yacht Lounge Deck

Venue Description

Well-appointed and versatile, Seaport Elite is a classic venue to create an exclusive experience on the water. With sensational skyline views and endless amenities, the Seaport Elite is Boston’s most innovative dining and entertainment venue. Enjoy cruising Boston Harbor on this luxury yacht. Nothing on land compares to the exclusive experience of a cruise on Seaport Elite. Moreover, it’s the most unique event your guests will remember long after we dock.

If you still have questions; then head to our Contact Info to connect with us. We have highly trained Boston Nightlife pros standing by and ready to help you, 24/7. We’d love to hear from you!

When you choose VIP Nightlife to plan a night out; you don’t have to know anything about the Seaport Elite Yacht to have the time of your life. With years of experience, our team can take your ideas from an inspiration to a fully executed, once-in-a-lifetime occasion. We will create an event experience for your every need and can service groups of all sizes; up to 1000 or more. So if you are looking to put a nautical spin on your next day or night out in Boston; then let VIP Nightlife show you the way! And be sure to Like Us on Facebook so you can keep up with our Upcoming Events and Deals.

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Quick Facts

• Spectacular views of Boston Harbor
• Climate-controlled decks designed for cruising 365 days-a-year
• Amenities: Plated service, bars, WIFI, projector, sound system, TVs, DJ, dance floor, patio seating
• Food: 4-course dinner buffet with cabaret/cruise seating
• Drink: Fully Staffed Cash Bar and Cocktail Servers
• Entertainment: Dance floor and sound system for Top 40 Live DJ

Take a 360 Panoramic Virtual Tour of Seaport Elite.
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Still have questions? Head to our Contact Info to connect.

The Decks

Main Dining Deck

• Seating Capacity: 120
• Heads: 1 Woman’s / 1 Men’s
• First deck on yacht
• Fully enclosed, climate controlled
• Restrooms located in stern
• Outer deck in bow and stern area

Cocktail Lounge

• Bar: 1 Main | Heads: 1
• Second deck on yacht
• Fully enclosed, climate-controlled
• Lounge area
• High top bistro tables
• Open deck with open air patio seating


• Patio seating with panoramic skyline views

Parking Info

Self Parking

Seaport Hotel Parking Garage
Pilgrim Parking 1
Pilgrim Parking 2

Seaport Elite II offers a $14.00 rate for parking at the Seaport Hotel Parking Garage (1 Seaport Ln.) Monday – Friday ONLY! Guests must enter the Seaport Hotel Parking Garage after 5:00 PM and exit prior to 11:00 PM. At all other times parking is $22.00 for up to 6 hours. Please bring your parking ticket to our ticket booth to receive parking discount.

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