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Santa Monica City Skyline

Venice Ale House & Rose Room

Casual gastropub with boardwalk-side seating, specializing in organic American fare & craft beers.

Venice Ale House
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Venue Description

Venice Ale House is as California as they come—organic food, local craft beer, and a view that looks out onto the Pacific. It’s an Instagram dream waiting to happen, but you shouldn’t spend your time here glued to your phone. Instead, order eggs benedict or huevos rancheros (brunch is a popular meal at Venice Ale) or, if you’re on the move, Breakfast in a Jar (Yogurt and Berries, Acai Dream or Chia Pudding) to take to the beach. What this waterfront spot is best known for, though, is their selection of exceptional craft beer, both bottle and draft. Order at the bar when the patio is packed (and it probably will be), and watch the sunset for a very LA outing.

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