MAXIM Grand Prix Party Montreal

Windsor Station – Montreal

Windsor Station Montreal

Venue Description

Rising above Place du Canada near the Bell Centre, Windsor Station is a testament to Montréal’s role in Canadian railway history. Now one of the city’s most iconic buildings, it was once the hub of Canada’s railway system, linking east to west.

Built between 1888 and 1924 for the Canadian Pacific Railway, in an era when railway companies competed with each other for luxury as well as for power, it is considered one of Canada’s oldest and most striking examples of Romanesque Revival architecture.

Featuring stately arched openings, prominent gables, vaulted ceilings and stunning fenestration, Windsor Station was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1975, a Heritage Railway Station in 1990, and a Québec Provincial historic landmark in 2009.

In particular, the Salle des pas perdus, once a lobby where thousands of people awaited their trains or their loved ones, is now an impressive event venue that showcases Windsor Station’s beautifully maintained architectural features.

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